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What is the meaning of Life?

One might be compelled for a moment to say that the meaning of Life is to live it to the fullest.

Is that really the case? Or is that something that we fabricated out of nowhere because Life really has no meaning attached to it.

This is an abstract concept, it is not about Life being depressing. If Life was depressing, then there is a meaning attached to it, and that is being depressed. It is not about Life being anything, it is just about Life being meaningless – the absence of any meaning attached to it.

If one can fully grasp this concept and enlighten himself to the meaning of meaningless, he can then see for himself, the real meaning of Life.

I hear people giving a cynical look right now on the point about Life has no meaning. “What do you mean no meaning?!”

Simply ask the Earth and you will get the answer, look at the Sea to get the hint, look at the sky to get what I mean.

Too abstract? Totally, but not if you are already on the Path.

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