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Dreams Day 2

I remembered my dreams last night. The details are fuzzy, but I thought I would just type out what I can remember here…
1) I was at some family dinner and somehow I moved to a double storey maisonette HDB in the west. Then there was a roof top garden designed like a football field and there was some funny structure that allowed you to drive a car up. There was a cathedral look-alike building that had a thick layer of moss.

2) I dreamed of Jaron and Jeremy. Weird like crazy.

2) I was in a room with Kelvin and Mei and one funny guy, we were talking about words such as “la-boosh”, “hah!”, “kepoop”, “alcras” and things like that. Trying to form a chain of words. (Could this be a manifestation of the name that I have been trying to look for?)

Yup, I realised that these dreams are way weird but I couldn’t pick that out while I was within the dream itself. Things that I don’t do normally actually. I will continue intenting to remember my dreams and pick out dream signs.

I want to master lucid dreaming 🙂

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