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tHim’s first lucid dream.

This came quite unexpected as I kind of slacked off in my dream recall exercise since the 2nd dream log. Well what happened was this morning, I fell asleep after I woke up at 8am. I was in a fairly conscious mode. I started to dream of my current home and that it is in its pre-movein state. The rooms were empty and there were no lights. Suddenly a consciousness kicked in and said, “Hey, this can’t be true, I have already moved in!”. I was so bloody happy and suddenly my world started to twirl around me. I knew I was going to wake up, so I did what the dream forums recommended, and that was to open my arms and spin on the spot. I felt myself being drawn back into the dream.

It was great and I kept telling myself, “this is a dream, this is a dream”. Suddenly, Luyee popped by and I decided to explore something with her. There was a “Victoria’s Secret” castle that had play stuff in it. I flew in and then Qiuju popped by. I knew I cannot jump out of the castle because I will definitely wake up. So I decided to walk upside down while holding her hand and that feeling was just amazing!

However, the lucidity was lost soon after as I left the castle. Luyee turned into my mom and it seemed pretty normal to my logical mind that I am awake. I asked myself, so am I awake? My mom prodded me and I felt pain. (didn’t know that the pain test fails for me) And I fell back into my dream state.

The rest of the dreams? I saw a super bloated Frank (da frank) and he was telling me he liked me and kept trying to hug and kiss me. But I was faithful to The Boyfriend and I kicked his ass out of the classroom. Then I told da frank that if it happened before I went to the US, it might have worked out. Then he replied, well, I was much fatter then and he himself was more eligible then. Wow. I just told him to scram off. Then I went back to my classroom and made friends with the Indian girls there.

And then I woke up. This is so exciting. LUCID DREAMING IS FUN!

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