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Own domain + promocode freebie

Looks like I’ll be getting my own domain in a jiff. No more blogspot, wordpress and such.

It’s like after many years of deliberation and such, I’ve finally decided to jump onto the bandwagon and do it.

Setup an account at Picked because I liked its cutesy interface and design. Compared to the other available ones, didn’t feel that dreamhost is too scammish 😛

Thought it was quite good because it had unlimited domain and bandwidth. Which means I can setup different websites and shift all my company websites to the same host.

Currently I’m paying like $100 per year per domain and I have like 3 domains. Super expensive. And now, when I consolidate everything into one, I get to save like 60% of my costs cause dreamhost costs like $9.95usd / month.

Heh and the best part of it all, I discovered the best dreamhost coupon for myself: DH50PLUS3

This one gives $50 Usd off for first year and 3 free lifetime domains. In other words, when I sign up of dreamhost, instead of paying $119.40 ($9.95 * 12), I pay only $69.40 and I get 3 domain names free. Super huge savings. Of course I’m high heh.

And since the US dollar is dropping against the Singapore dollar, I’m paying say only around $100 sgd for the first year. (And all these for UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH AND STUFF). After the first year, I pay only around SGD$14 / month. Thank God I didn’t sign up for’s plan (yes I got interested in it cause of its name) as SGD$14 only gives me LIMITED bandwidth and I can only host 2 websites on it.

If you’re like me, and you’re looking for a good, reliable host for your website. You can try and please remember to use the coupon to get your discounts: DH50PLUS3

Till my next update! 🙂

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