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I’m still alive and kicking! :)

Lol, was doing some housekeeping and suddenly remembered that I have this blog. In any case, I just wanted to drop a quick message about some stuff that I’ve been up to. I’ve gotten my own domain name space! Hence I’ve been neglecting here 😛 And I’ve been helping a couple of friends host their sites and trying my hand at SEO-ing it. I know, I know, I cannot run away from geeky stuff. This blog practically consolidated my geeky stuff over the years.

So anyway, do check out where it lists some of the best free online games around. Oh yeah, are any of you fans of Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)? If you are, you gotta check out super mario bros crossover! Omg, this is super retro, it’s like my very first favorite game on the console. I used to play it so much and was pretty upset when my Nintendo console died many years ago. Jay Pavlina really did a wonderful job bringing that back to life. Really it’s like he brought back great memories along with the game and I would like to shout a big thank you to him!

Anyway, enough of geeky game talk, it’s about bedtime *yawn* so I’m gonna head off to bed and leave you with a last link.. the SAS Zombie Assault 😉 Enjoy!

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