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Being da boss.

Being da boss means:

  • Having the ability to use people.
  • Being able to learn things faster than people.
  • Having stronger will power than the rest.
  • Being able to hold your own integrity while you enforce it on the rest.
  • Being clairvoyant and see the future.

Just some insights that I got out today when the company got into some problems with the equipment and the only person who could learn to solve it fast enough, who was resourceful to think of the solution fast enough was da boss.

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The Good, Bad and ugly of working in a family business.

Just thought that this would make an interesting food for thought entry on the good, bad and ugly of working in a family business.


  • You get flexibility in the work timings.
  • You get to see your family around you as everyone works as a team to forward the company.
  • You get several perks like the car, free lunches and direct interaction with the major clients in the company
  • You get to go on business trips aplenty as a representative of the company.


  • Unrealistic expectations from the patriarch and matriarch like how you’re expected to know everything cause you’re the “brilliant kid” in your parent’s eyes.
  • Pressure to excel much more than the average John and Jane doe.
  • Doing the jobs where no man will venture. IE, if your staff decides to default on the job, you have to come in and play.
  • Not having the choice of doing what you really want.


  • Seriously, you have not much choice in dictating what you really want to do and you get thrown responsibilities at the whims and fancy of the boss.
  • Family nuances can too often come into play.
  • And you can’t quit.

It’s a love hate relationship and sometimes I do get tired. The above is not indicative of all family businesses but just the one that I am in.

Acknowledge the situation and change it. That’s the advice I have to myself.

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