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Own domain + promocode freebie

Looks like I’ll be getting my own domain in a jiff. No more blogspot, wordpress and such.

It’s like after many years of deliberation and such, I’ve finally decided to jump onto the bandwagon and do it.

Setup an account at Picked because I liked its cutesy interface and design. Compared to the other available ones, didn’t feel that dreamhost is too scammish πŸ˜›

Thought it was quite good because it had unlimited domain and bandwidth. Which means I can setup different websites and shift all my company websites to the same host.

Currently I’m paying like $100 per year per domain and I have like 3 domains. Super expensive. And now, when I consolidate everything into one, I get to save like 60% of my costs cause dreamhost costs like $9.95usd / month.

Heh and the best part of it all, I discovered the best dreamhost coupon for myself: DH50PLUS3

This one gives $50 Usd off for first year and 3 free lifetime domains. In other words, when I sign up of dreamhost, instead of paying $119.40 ($9.95 * 12), I pay only $69.40 and I get 3 domain names free. Super huge savings. Of course I’m high heh.

And since the US dollar is dropping against the Singapore dollar, I’m paying say only around $100 sgd for the first year. (And all these for UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH AND STUFF). After the first year, I pay only around SGD$14 / month. Thank God I didn’t sign up for’s plan (yes I got interested in it cause of its name) as SGD$14 only gives me LIMITED bandwidth and I can only host 2 websites on it.

If you’re like me, and you’re looking for a good, reliable host for your website. You can try and please remember to use the coupon to get your discounts: DH50PLUS3

Till my next update! πŸ™‚

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Printeet! 30 Free prints! Whoopie Doo!

Aye guys, I’m offering a 30 free prints for the first 50

sign ups. Check it out here!

Been trying out the different modes of marketing to see which one works best for the nature of the business. πŸ™‚ Come come join us!

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Gone Live’ gone live!

We are in business.

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Relentless list of To-Dos & a web2.0 idea.

It is these few days that I started to realise that I have a relentless list of to-dos that continuously exists to bug me. I just had a realisation that everything I do, everything I need to do, everything I want to do and everything that I might have to do all constitutes to this huge to-do list in my life.

Dry cleaning the clothes, updating the blog, exercising, preparing for meetings, doing posters, going to see the dentist, cutting my hair, going out with friends, planning for cambodia trip, getting in touch with the photo printing pple.. yada yada yada.

What I really need is a good to-do management system where I can immediately jot down the to-do when it pops into my mind and then make sure that I have a system that can help me follow up on these to-dos.Right now, I’m relegating it to many post-its stuck onto my office wall, scribblings in my organiser, post-its for home to-do’s stuck on the door of my walk in closet andΒ  for those really impromptu to-dos, I put it as a reminder on my handphone. Other than that, I’ll open web browsers and windows, keeping them open and I’ll attend to them when I’m free (and they automatically get ignored when my comp crashes :P). There’s simply just to many to-dos to remember and kill that I get lost in them sometimes.

For TDM, we manage our to-dos by putting it in a to-do list such as basecamp. But ultimately, people get lazy updating these to-dos. In human psychology, in order to entice or encourage a person to do a certain task, that task has to be as fuss free as possible, with clear instructions and tangible next step. These are the great kinds of to-dos that people love and will kill effectively.

A web2.0 webapp idea – anyone, feel free to take and develop it. If you’re done with it, let me know, I’ll be your first user:

  1. To-Do list with deadlines.
  2. Allowing the consumer to rank with a 2 axis comparison. Important, urgent, non urgent, non important. We can drag a task here and there in the chart to re-rank the priority of the task.
  3. Teach the consumer how to differentiate between a good task to do and a bad task to do.
  4. SMS updates to the to-do list. Cause when to-dos pop up, we might not always be with a computer.
  5. SMS reminders for important deadlines of to-dos. Perhaps it could be chargeable system, ie we can set the service to sms us our to-dos if we haven’t finished the to-do with the deadlines. And each sms is charged at 10cents each. This will be a great incentive for us to kill our to-dos before the sms is sent out.
  6. Printable To-do list of what we have entered on the system. IE, nicely formatted todo list that we can use a traditional pen to tick off the list.
  7. Shared To-Do lists! IE, a certain To-do can be shared amongst your friends and that To-Do can be killed the moment any of the stakeholders have done it! For eg. sending the clothes to the dry cleaner is a shared to-do between my boyfriend and I. If he does send the clothes to the cleaner and checks the shared to-do, my to-do is immediately killed! (And of course I get to track it)
  8. A tracking and report of the efficiency and efficacy in killing to-dos. Ie, how far apart from the deadline set did you kill the to-do. Is the to-do important, or unimportant etc.
  9. A repository of suggestions of to-do categories for users to choose from. Something like an inflated tagging system.
  10. Last but not the least, downloadable and syncable with calendar programs and handheld devices.

Just a quick top 10 wants for my to-do list.

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The importance of having a website.

I’ve been scouting around for my paper suppliers and I must tell you, it has been a super horrific experience. It almost seemed to me that there are no paper merchants in Singapore as I was only greeted by less than 5 legitimate paper merchants in Google. Not to mention that out of these 5, I am already purchasing from 2 of them.

I need paper! So what did I do? I decided to go the traditional way and source from YellowPages (Singapore). I input the word “Paper”. I was excited cause the teaser header said “200+ results”. However my anticipation was met with a sore disappointment. I was brought to 200+ entries of ….

“Joss Paper”.

The search at Yellow Pages isn’t exactly very intuitive I would say. I couldn’t find the paper I needed. I tried Paper Products, I was brought to toilet rolls and plastic products. I tried Printing Paper and I was brought to printing presses and paper bags. This is getting absurd.

Until I finally figured out the keyword: Paper Distributor

I was extremely happy as there were a sizeable amount of results until…

Yes you guessed it. It was a complete listing of paper distributor companies that didn’t have any more information other than their company name, telephone and fax. Am I going to be going through the whole list just to get what I want? Don’t they have like a website or something that I can easily extract some information? I called one, that was close to my office, up. Really excited cause that office was within walking distance… Only to hear that they sell…

“Waste Paper”

I felt that I have been led through a merry go round chase. Urgh. I continued ploughing through the list and realised that most paper companies don’t even have a simple website! Even those that listed their sites had defunct links. I googled, Yahoo-ed, dog-piled their names only to be appalled by the lack of web representation by these companies.

Oh my god.

It was only in the end, it was by some fluke googling that I found the paper merchants association in Singapore. (now how would one even know that there’s such an association in the first place. We don’t know what we don’t know. I didn’t know that paper distributors are known as paper merchants, it was only after this experience that I found out) I clicked on it and found 1 guy who was relatively near my office and had a website. I visited it. Great! The links are working, albeit the whole website was made up of stitched up Jpeg files. But I found what I needed to find. He stocked the kind of paper I wanted so I made the phone call and am now going to meet the salesperson.

See how one website makes the difference? Especially in this day and time where the younger ones are going to be taking over the business and the older ones are retiring. Really having even a page summarising or stating what you have will help your company a lot!

If you’re a traditional bricks and mortar company, go get a website! You already know how essential it is to stay competitve in today’s world.

If you’re a budding web design firm, come up with packages, cheap ones for these people to take up. Let them put a few pictures, list down their products and location. Get a nice looking email. And fax these packages to them from the emails listed in Yellow Pages. Put these packages in the fax!

Trust me, people read the faxes and the best way to get their attention is to fax such packages to them. Nothing interests my colleagues more than the packages that web design companies send over. Not so much of collaterals that says “Hi, we are a web design company, come look for us.”

TryΒ  it πŸ™‚

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Hello world!

“Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!”

I am so going to keep this entry. Hello world is really about the first thing that a programmer displays to the world when he/she gets her first program/entry out to this world. So with this Hello World entry, I welcome my own foray into the world of WordPress and customised blogging! No more 10 thousand blogs that needs all my attention! All in wordpress, all categorised, all personalised! I am such a sucker for such stuff that’s all so nice πŸ˜€


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