tHim’s first lucid dream.

This came quite unexpected as I kind of slacked off in my dream recall exercise since the 2nd dream log. Well what happened was this morning, I fell asleep after I woke up at 8am. I was in a fairly conscious mode. I started to dream of my current home and that it is in its pre-movein state. The rooms were empty and there were no lights. Suddenly a consciousness kicked in and said, “Hey, this can’t be true, I have already moved in!”. I was so bloody happy and suddenly my world started to twirl around me. I knew I was going to wake up, so I did what the dream forums recommended, and that was to open my arms and spin on the spot. I felt myself being drawn back into the dream.

It was great and I kept telling myself, “this is a dream, this is a dream”. Suddenly, Luyee popped by and I decided to explore something with her. There was a “Victoria’s Secret” castle that had play stuff in it. I flew in and then Qiuju popped by. I knew I cannot jump out of the castle because I will definitely wake up. So I decided to walk upside down while holding her hand and that feeling was just amazing!

However, the lucidity was lost soon after as I left the castle. Luyee turned into my mom and it seemed pretty normal to my logical mind that I am awake. I asked myself, so am I awake? My mom prodded me and I felt pain. (didn’t know that the pain test fails for me) And I fell back into my dream state.

The rest of the dreams? I saw a super bloated Frank (da frank) and he was telling me he liked me and kept trying to hug and kiss me. But I was faithful to The Boyfriend and I kicked his ass out of the classroom. Then I told da frank that if it happened before I went to the US, it might have worked out. Then he replied, well, I was much fatter then and he himself was more eligible then. Wow. I just told him to scram off. Then I went back to my classroom and made friends with the Indian girls there.

And then I woke up. This is so exciting. LUCID DREAMING IS FUN!

September 28, 2006 at 10:29 am 10 comments

Dreams Day 2

I remembered my dreams last night. The details are fuzzy, but I thought I would just type out what I can remember here…
1) I was at some family dinner and somehow I moved to a double storey maisonette HDB in the west. Then there was a roof top garden designed like a football field and there was some funny structure that allowed you to drive a car up. There was a cathedral look-alike building that had a thick layer of moss.

2) I dreamed of Jaron and Jeremy. Weird like crazy.

2) I was in a room with Kelvin and Mei and one funny guy, we were talking about words such as “la-boosh”, “hah!”, “kepoop”, “alcras” and things like that. Trying to form a chain of words. (Could this be a manifestation of the name that I have been trying to look for?)

Yup, I realised that these dreams are way weird but I couldn’t pick that out while I was within the dream itself. Things that I don’t do normally actually. I will continue intenting to remember my dreams and pick out dream signs.

I want to master lucid dreaming ๐Ÿ™‚

September 19, 2006 at 3:56 pm 1 comment

Dream Log – The attempt to lucid dreaming

Yesterday I read up a couple of techniques to get started on lucid dreaming. I have been trying for 2 weeks but was unsuccessful. Then I found out that if I’m not a natural at this (like how Kaifeng is), I must start by having a dream log first. This morning, when I woke up, I just thought to myself, damn what an uneventful night. As I tossed around in bed, I suddenly remembered that I had 3 dreams (perhaps more but the rest were forgotten). I was so excited that I must blog it down here!

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On Entrepreneurship – the old fashioned way

Dad has a pretty unique style of doing his business that most modern marketing/business gurus will seldom agree. People nowadays go for high tech/personal development books, you hear Blue Ocean Strategy, Innovators Dilemma, 21 irrefutable laws of leadership where they teach really revolutionary ideas about entrepreneurship, leadership, high tech strategies. Very engaging, and it takes a lot of practice to put them into life (which I am attemping to right now).

I try to get dad to move towards this direction all the time and can get quite frustrated when it doesn’t really go my way. Is my way, (the way of the books), really the best way? Sometimes I let my obstinate self get the better of me and I tend to forget that I am the one who’s reaping all the creature comforts from dad’s way of doing business. I forget that as much as I have read, I have not really implemented these ideas into life, yet. I forgot what it means to respect one’s ideas. But today, I managed to pull myself out from this rut and got down to understanding what is dad’s philosophy of doing business.

So, what is his philosophy? Just do it.

What? Just do it.

What about the SWOT analyses and Porter’s 5 forces and … ? Just do it.

I was stunned. I went on and ask him, do you have any plans for your company? Like the system on how you would like your customers to process their photos/documents before they send it to you for printing?

Dad’s reply was a short but surprising one: I have a basic idea, just set up some basic stuff, get the customers in and learn at the same time. Refine the system as time passes.

At this point, I still felt a little bit uneasy. I mean, I did discuss a lot with my friends on the possible methods to run the company and improve sales for Dad but whenever I told them that dad doesn’t do all the high technology analysis and marketing concepts, they were just as astounded and shocked as me on how my dad would just jump in and do a business this way but yet survive very well till today.

Then a realization struck me while I was taking a swim with him just now. The reason for dad’s success can be summarised in 2 points:

  1. He always had a goal whenever he starts on anything new, which is to bring the business to the state that he initially envisioned it out to be. And he let’s “U” take care of it. It is summarised as, ่ˆนๅˆฐๆกฅๅคด่‡ช็„ถ็›ดใ€‚ (A chinese saying that when a boat reaches the destination, it will naturally fall in place with the direction it’s supposed to be at) Intention manifestation at work, subconsciously. He focuses on a goal and handles any challenges that comes along the way.
  2. Just do it. This is the very essence of manifesting a business. Too much cow talk and bull shit does not make a business until you move your ass and start getting it done.

These are the 2 biggest points that I got out of chatting with him. I am not saying that it is the 100% true philosophy to start a successful business because that’s very debatable. But they are really very relevant points and elements for a business which I will learn to incorporate them in at my own experimentation and discretion.

Thanks dad! Good stuff! ๐Ÿ™‚

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From good to great… tHimerosa style.

It has been a humbling past couple of months. Taking down the ego and finally looking at myself and moving towards being critical but not to the state of bashing myself up when I criticse myself.

I would like to reflect on what happened today. It’s gonna be a crazy mess of thoughts so do try to stay with me.

On being an Entrepreneur

It is no easy task, but neither is it a task beyond my means. It is just that I am in a slightly different situation where I am taking over my dad’s business and expanding it in the way that it is synchronous to how our times have changed. However, because this is a legacy business with its roots deeply imbued in trading and traditional business processes, I am restricted by many barriers such as my father’s way of doing business, expectations of being a girl and someone fresh (or rather still an undergraduate). Challenges aplenty but rewards are definitely high. I have a lot of fresh ideas and I have the energy and drive to kick it across. But I still fall into my own idiosyncrasies. The most common being, “Hey, hey, give me that recognition! It’s me here!” Yeah, it is just this part of me that’s still very deep rooted. I am changing it. Switch state.

There is also the issue of getting a proper job versus doing a business. Well, let’s just say that in all jobs, there’s no stability and confirmation that you will forever be employed unless you have employed yourself. Yes, I am well placed to move ahead and clinch the jobs that I want but do I want that? I would like to instill a culture of progressiveness, self-development, excitement, commitment in the company that I run. Teamwork, alongside with the traits of leadership, to move towards a common goal of providing value for our customers. This is what I innately want for within myself, and I want to translate that to something tangible for my team.

One day, I will be just like that pizza maker (who owns a pizza conglomerate in the US but calls himself a pizza maker) and call myself a printer. ๐Ÿ™‚
These thought process that went through me then inspired me to move thimerosa@wordpress into a blog that talks about this entrepreneurship journey. The journey about an Asian young little thing, working with many restrictions to start, expand and change the way businesses are being run. I will document the troubles I meet, the challenges I overcome, the thrills and high I get and most importantly the fun of it all! This blog will anchor me and remind me that life is about fun, enjoy every moment of it!

On Ego and Enlightenment

The enlightened have the capacity to have ambition without ego. What about me? I am still playing ping pong and oscillating. Damn. I recognise that and I want to work on it. I am really quite addicted to the feeling when I start achieving and I feel my ambition flowing through me but without the ego. Why did I say that? Cause I still had the “I am good, how come you’re not looking at me!” attitude sometimes. That gotta go, if I want to do great things. Absolutely.

On pitching

I admit that my pitching skills are still not there. There are many angles to look at how one improves their pitching. One angle is, when is a good time to pitch? And what should be said during a particular time. How can you change your sales pitch on the fly? So many questions, I want to iron them out, but it seems like priority is still on my academic stuff. This is something I want to complete and move on to the next chapter of my life. Hence that’s how my priorities rank at the moment.
On social skills

I want to be the social magnet. I want to be able to charm, engage, understand, communicate and network. I like these qualities and I want to build them up. The first step on stepping out of this shell, is to start overcoming my fears one by one. Bring out the courage, bring out the lessons that I learnt, bring out and practice. There is no other way. Be on my toes and psych myself to handle social situations all the time.

On time managment

If Steve Pavlina can do it, thimerosa can do at least 1/2 of it. He did double degree in 1/3 the amount of time normal people did, while holding on to a job at the same time.

tHim can:

  1. Do a Thesis
  2. Graduate
  3. Organize a conference
  4. Start a business
  5. Maintain a relationship

I must prioritise my time appropriately and kill procrastination! And yes, really enjoy the entire process!

Life is bright. Life is fantastic. I am not going to short change myself anymore ๐Ÿ™‚ That Porsche 911 is here!

Thanks for staying with me all the way to the end. Till the next time.

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How to synchronize time between 2 WRT54G routers running on Openwrt?

This short tutorial documents the process that I took to synchronize time between 2 WRT54G routers.

I needed this function because I wanted to send log files out of the different nodes at the same time. Well, we all know that WRT54G routers don’t have on-board clocks so it’s hard to sync. But anyway, this actually works for me cause it makes it easier for me to time my experiments and run my cron jobs when they all start from 0. This is a complete trial and error thingy that yielded the results I wanted, so follow at your own risk.


August 16, 2006 at 9:32 pm 1 comment

How to get Openwrt boxes to scp to each other in a mesh topology?

Seems like this online documentation thing is catching on. My site is specially catered for people like me, who find it a huge challenge to pick up this Openwrt thingy. No dummies guide online, and it is really tough to search for solutions. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I usually spend a damn long time trying to figure out some basic stuff that most experts know. Hence, this motivates my series of Dummy’s guide! We must always contribute back to the Opensource community yeah? ๐Ÿ™‚ I am gonna be building a business on Opensource software soon.

But that’s not the point that I want to illustrate here. The topic is on: How do we automate scp on Linksys WRT54G (running on Openwrt) such that they can send each other files periodically without the troublesome need of entering the stupid passwords.

*I developed this solution because I needed to set up an experimental testbed that has 5 routers in a string topology and 4 routers are supposed to be sending a log file out every 10 minutes to router 1. I needed to automate this process so that I can leave the routers to their own antics and let them do what they need to do.


August 14, 2006 at 6:28 pm 3 comments

Memory stuff on WRT54G and Openwrt

This is yet another techie posting.

I was just wondering why do I have a /tmp partition on my wrt54g that is 7MB! I wanted to use this memory! Whatever’s written to /tmp will be erased on reboot. I wanted the information to survive a reboot! I wanted to increase the retainable memory on board the router!

I was googling around but I couldn’t find a solution. Then I found this… apparently 7MB is RAM (edited from Flash) memory and no matter what I do, I can’t keep the stuff on it. Oh well. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

August 13, 2006 at 10:04 pm 2 comments

How I set up AODV with Openwrt on a Linksys WRT54G router (Dummy’s guide) {Part I}

Note the keywords that I included in the title. This is an entirely TECHIE posting. 30 days worth of work condensed into one page.

This is really to help anyone, who’s looking for any sort of help to AODV on Openwrt on a WRT54G Version 4 /WRT54GL Linksys router. I am listing all my problems, or stuff encountered etc.
I have 2 methods. The first shows an inkling on how I did the cross-compilation from C code to Mips code. The second just shows how I did the ipkg thingy from the AODV-UU package that I found online. (For this second method, I am still trying to find a way to compile my own packages. Will put this in Part II when I figure out how. Or you guys can enlighten me)



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Protected: My first two dreams after POS

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